About Our Company


Whether it is required by your Customer or not, Red Hed's product line is LEAD-FREE. You cannot be shipped the wrong materials. You cannot order the wrong material. Continuously changing specifications and ones that are coming into law in the next few short years, Red Hed has already met the future's requirements.

By providing modern innovative solutions to the ever-changing world of waterworks, this TEAM is in touch with the world that they supply goods and services to. We listen and act upon the needs of you our customers.

Here you the customer will find creative solutions to your everyday challenges, and new ideas that can help make your job one of quality and dependability that will support your reputation as a Leader in Quality craftsmanship.

Red Hed Manufacturing is leading the challenges of waterworks brass by providing the only brass goods line that is truly LEAD-FREE. After years of research and combined efforts with our suppliers of materials, our Manufacturing Plant continues to produce the highest quality, longest lasting service brass in the industry. It is now also LEAD-FREE!

The very same quality since 1921. Dependability with 100% quality testing before it ever leaves the Plant, and now LEAD-FREE. Red Hed, as a part of Team EJP, is leading the way into the future by providing goods that not only meet today's stringent standards, but the futures!

Need a solution? Need a unique part fabricated? Need 1,000 unique parts fabricated? Need just the good old reliable part you have utilized for the past 20 years? You'll find them all here, at Red Hed Manufacturing!

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