Compression Curb Stops

Compression Curb Stops

Red Hed Ball Curb Stops are precision machined to ensure watertight integrity. They have full-size waterways and heavy castings. They are manufactured from lead-free bismuth brass CDA No. C89833. Valves are repeatedly inspected and hydrostatically tested to 300 psi.

NOTE: Stainless steel insert stiffeners are required for use with plastic tubing (CTS) (compression ends only). Optional handle is available for above ground operation.

HOW TO ORDER: Look up the product number below, find the right size, call our team and give them the product number.

Availability: Please call to order this item - 1 (866)-331-0592


Product Number Size Direction To Open Inlet Outlet
RHSB41511 3/4” Left (counterclockwise) 3/4” Compression 3/4” Compression
RHSB41512 1″ Left (counterclockwise) 1” Compression 1” Compression
RHB41513 1-1/4” Left (counterclockwise) 1-1/4” Compression 1-1/4” Compression
RHB41514 1-1/2” Left (counterclockwise) 1-1/2” Compression 1-1/2” Compression
RHB41515 2” Left (counterclockwise) 2” Compression 2” Compression
RHSB41611 3/4” Right (clockwise) 3/4” Compression 3/4” Compression
RHSB41612 1” Right (clockwise) 1” Compression 1” Compression
RHB41613 1-1/4” Right (clockwise) 1-1/4” Compression 1-1/4” Compression
RHB41614 1-1/2” Right (clockwise) 1-1/2” Compression 1-1/2” Compression
RHB41615 2” Right (clockwise) 2” Compression 2” Compression
  • Manufactured to ANSI/AWWA C800 Standards
  • 80 durometer Neoprene rubber seats that seal in both directions
  • Full port clear waterway in all sizes
  • Double “O” ring stem seals • Full lead free brass ball, teflon coated for easy turning
  • Open left or right, ¼ turn operation with stop, clearly marked T-head L or R
  • Tee-Head Secured with Stainless steel retaining pin (¾” -1″ only)
  • All components of the valve manufactured from Lead Free Brass, Casting Stamped “LF”
  • Dovetail stem and ball design (1¼”-2″)
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