Compression Lead Flange Adaptor

Compression Lead Flange Adaptor

Red Hed takes the hassle out of lead service replacement. Custom made lead flange adaptors let you use existing corporations and eliminate the need for retapping or line shutdown. Red Hed lead flange adaptors are manufactured from lead-free bismuth brass CDA No. C89833 and are hydrostatically tested to 300 psi.

NOTE: For use on soft copper K tubing and CTS plastic tubing when using proper CTS flaring tools. Stainless steel insert stiffeners are required for use with plastic tubing (CTS) (compression ends only).

HOW TO ORDER: Look up the product number below, find the right size, call our team and give them the product number.

Availability: Please call to order this item - 1 (866)-331-0592


Product Number Inlet Female Thread Size Outlet Thread
RH45011 5/8″ Lead Size 5/8” = 11-1/16″ 3/4” Compression 12
RH45012 5/8″ Lead Size 5/8” = 11-1/16″ 1” Compression 12
RH45031 MS Size MS = 1-27/32″ 3/4” Compression 12
RH45032 MS Size MS = 1-27/32″ 1” Compression 12
RH45051 Red Hed Size RH = 2-1/8″ 3/4” Compression 12
RH45052 Red Hed Size  RH = 2-1/8″ 1” Compression 12
RH45071 Red Hed Oversize  RHO = 2-5/32″ 3/4” Compression 12
RH45072 Red Hed Oversize RHO = 2-5/32″ 1” Compression 12


  • Manufactured to ANSI/AWWA C800 Standards
  • Easy to install flare or compression ends (industry standard)
  • Use existing corporation stops
  • Adapts to copper or plastic
  • Custom made for your needs, including copper service threads or Red Hed Gripp™ connection
  • Over 200 variations available
  • Adapts from .” to 2″ lead service
  • All components of the valve manufactured from Lead-Free Brass, Casting Stamped “LF”
  • All Cast components poured and manufactured in the USA.
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