Flare Type Curb Stops


Red Hed Ball Curb Stops are precision machined to ensure watertight integrity. They have full-size waterways and heavy castings. They are manufactured from lead-free bismuth brass CDA No. C89833. Valves are repeatedly inspected and hydrostatically tested to 300 psi.

NOTE: For use on soft copper K Tubing, and CTS plastic tubing when using proper CTS Flaring tools. Optional handle is available for above ground operation.


Additional information


1″, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 3/4”

Direction to Open

Left (counterclockwise), Right (clockwise)


1-1/2” Flare, 1-1/4” Flare, 1” Flare, 2” Flare, 3/4” Flare


1-1/2” Flare, 1-1/4” Flare, 1” Flare, 2” Flare, 3/4” Flare


Product Number Size Direction To Open Inlet Outlet
RHB41501 3/4” Left (counterclockwise) 3/4” Flare 3/4” Flare
RHB41502 1″ Left (counterclockwise) 1” Flare 1” Flare
RHB41503 1-1/4” Left (counterclockwise) 1-1/4” Flare 1-1/4” Flare
RHB41504 1-1/2” Left (counterclockwise) 1-1/2” Flare 1-1/2” Flare
RHB41505 2” Left (counterclockwise) 2” Flare 2” Flare
RHB41601 3/4” Right (clockwise) 3/4” Flare 3/4” Flare
RHB41602 1” Right (clockwise) 1” Flare 1” Flare
RHB41603 1-1/4” Right (clockwise) 1-1/4” Flare 1-1/4” Flare
RHB41604 1-1/2” Right (clockwise) 1-1/2” Flare 1-1/2” Flare
RHB41605 2” Right (clockwise) 2” Flare 2” Flare


  • Manufactured to ANSI/AWWA C800 Standards
  • 80 durometer Neoprene rubber seats that seal in both directions
  • Full port clear waterway in all sizes
  • Double “O” ring stem seals
  • Full lead free brass ball, teflon coated for easy turning
  • Open left or right, 1/4 turn operation with stop, clearly marked T-head L or R
  • Tee-Head Secured with dovetail stem and ball design
  • All components of the valve manufactured from Lead Free Brass, Casting Stamped “LF”
  • All Cast components poured and manufactured in the USA.
  • Easy to install flare ends (industry standard)
  • Other End variations available: Flare / Male Iron Pipe, Flare / Female Iron pipe